Who We Are

Our Vision

To strengthen businesses and team relationships with Reliability, Ensemble, Loyalty & Integrity (Reli). We deliver exceptional services to all size businesses no matter how small or large.

Our Mission

To be a reliable source that meets your daily business needs. Working diligently through situations so your company will be a success while maintaining productivity. Our professional team is built to serve with compassion and humility. Working with punctuality and patience, we work together in perfect unity so that your business needs is one less concern.

Reli Solutions desires to be a tool for helping your business succeed. We provide a wide range of financial transaction solutions from POS Credit Card Processing to E-commerce solutions to ensure your rise to the top is smooth and secure. Security is our primary goal while providing safe reliable processing for merchants nationwide with over 18 years of experience.

Reli offers processing systems with excellent customer service satisfaction, assisting startup and existing businesses. Larger-scale businesses take advantage of the most sophisticated technology available. We thrive on helping our customers achieve their business goals by offering state-of-the-art e-commerce and mobile solutions.

Our Core Values & Beliefs

We thrive in helping our customers achieve their business goals by offering state-of-the-art merchant processing solutions. Processing transactions, navigate the complexities of an ever-changing payments landscape, and ultimately enable success which creates value for our customers. We believe that our best experiences are seamless and we are relentless in our pursuit of the development and execution of superior payment solutions for our customers. Reli Solutions also provides a better way of life to others in society.

See What They Say About US!

Thanks to Reli Solutions for the many years of great service. Legacy Fine Art Gallery has been a client for 6 years and has been more than satisfied with the service. As a small business, we rely heavily on our partners. The customer service department is great with quick responses to any question or problem. All this adds up to a comprehensive system that we use on a daily basis. We are happy to see continued improvements in use and service and would be happy to recommend Reli Solutions to any of our contacts. Legacy Fine Art Gallery

Our experience with Reli Solutions has been pleasant, and very peaceful. Their staff is friendly and professional, and their service is exceptional. We have had very few situations arise when we had to contact them concerning an issue, but each time we did, Reli Solutions was right there to service our needs, and to ensure that the issue was resolved and that we could continue doing business at a high level with little to no delays and in most cases, the issue was due to user error. We have no desire to have our online virtual banking needs provided be any other company, and we highly recommend Reli Solutions to anyone who is considering beginning an online virtual banking relationship or switching from their current provider. Pastor Raymond Williams

My husband and I have worked with Reli Solutions for several years regarding our Merchant Services account for our business. During those years we have had many questions and situations that arose that we needed help with. Each time we contacted Reli Solutions either by phone or by email. Without exception, their staff called or emailed us right back. They always give us the answers we need and advise us on how to proceed with any problems that may arise. We are very grateful for all of the help and consideration that Reli Solutions has given us. Wits Management

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