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Merchant Account Services

Clover Products

The Clover Go “All-in-One” is a tiny rechargeable handheld device more than capable of taking payments.

mobile app credit card processing software

Clover Mini can do-it-all without taking up much counter space.

Clover Flex delivers the ultimate in flexibility and simplicity in a single device freeing your mind for the things that matter. 

Merchant Account Services


The center of your Clover activities includes taking orders and payments.

Inventory Tracking
View and print your device’s orders for the day.

Set up and run your own digital loyalty and marketing program in a snap.

View customers’ information, transaction history, and marketing preferences.

Access sales reports, business metrics and gain valuable insights.

Time Clock
Track employee hours and build schedules. Share shifts online, view and swap shifts.

Make it EFFORTLESS and flow to your business.

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